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Kitchen Island Installation in Richmond

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A kitchen island not only makes your kitchen look more beautiful and inviting, but also serves as one of the most functional spaces in the entire room. Kitchen islands can have things like sinks and faucets, range cooktops, cutting surfaces, and more. Plus, with them taking up such a large chunk of space in the room, it’s pivotal that they also look beautiful and accentuate the beauty of the rest of your kitchen. This is why it’s crucial to have a professional Richmond granite countertop expert help you with your kitchen remodel project!

Capitol Granite has helped numerous customers turn their kitchens into their dream spaces, complete with countertops that are constructed to the highest degrees of quality. We know the value in a truly custom kitchen, and that’s why we focus on quality through every step of our services. We work with you to accomplish your dreams and create a kitchen that will truly be both the heart and the highlight of your home. Whether you’re looking to simply spruce up your island or completely renovate the entire room, we’ll help you build a space that’s inviting, warm, and brings your whole family together around great food, laughter, and more!

Kitchen Cabinets

At Capitol Granite, we offer a full range of kitchen cabinetry too! While a beautiful countertop is without question the focal point of a beautiful kitchen, having worn-out or run-down cabinets detracts from your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. We can help you design the perfect cabinetry system to go with your new island and make the space it’s in even more functional, including adding shelving, doors, and even areas to install appliances like a range top, sink, or dishwasher!

Miter Drop Edges

Miter drop edges are an extremely popular design choice because they make your countertop appear far thicker than it actually is. A two or three-inch-thick slab of granite would weigh thousands of pounds and cost a fortune, making it impractical for the average homeowner, and difficult to install successfully. A mitered edge imitates this look while keeping weight and cost to a minimum by placing a thicker lip around the edge of your granite countertop, giving you that thicker look without the thicker slab of granite. Plus, there are no tradeoffs on durability, longevity, and functionality.

Waterfall Legs

Waterfall legs give unique look as though your granite countertop is falling off the edge of your kitchen island and dropping right down to the floor. This unique look is multi-purpose—it not only adds beauty to your island, but also functions as a leg to support the rest of the surface. These types of installations are extremely popular in modern home design as they add a greater degree of color and distinctly modern design that goes so well with many modern appliances and other kitchen features. Plus, their durability is impeccable—no other type of design has a greater ability to withstand years of abuse and accidental impact than a granite waterfall leg.


Do you enjoy entertaining guests and want a bar-like setup to serve them food and drinks? Do you want a functional counterspace that can be used for eating meals as well as preparing food? Do you want to make the most of your small kitchen space and increase your preparation area without sacrificing on a dining table? An overhang may be exactly what you’re looking for! An overhang is a section of countertop that extends several inches off the edge of the cabinetry or wall supporting the countertop, becoming a functional space where food and drinks can be served and consumed. Overhangs make a great place for family and friendly gatherings, as they’re small but offer a great and lively way of spending time together. Plus, with their durable granite surface, they’re remarkably easy to clean! All you need are a few barstools or chairs (depending on the height of your overhang surface) and you’re ready to go!

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