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Granite comes in all sorts of shades and is known for its versatility, durability, and easy maintenance. With a stone that looks as good as granite does, you might expect it to involve detailed care, but it’s quite the opposite.

Granite Maintenance

While some may choose to use granite-specific cleaners for their countertop, such specific care isn’t a requirement. Granite countertops also do just fine when they are cleaned with soap and water.

Since granite is a porous stone, it calls for sealant—and a regular sealing routine. As long as you keep up with your granite’s sealant, it will remain resistant to liquid damage, stains, and spills.

Granite Durability

The durability of granite is one of its many fine qualities. This stone countertop takes no issue with heat and will not scorch if you set a hot pot or pan on its surface. We recommend using a hot pad in the kitchen, but if you forget to use these tools, it’s most likely not going to harm your stone.

Scratch risk is very low for granite because of how hard it is. If you cut something directly on its surface, it is more likely to dull your knife than become damaged by its blade.

Granite countertops rarely chip, but if they do, there’s no need to fret. Chips can be repaired with gel epoxy.

Granite Location

Granite countertops are a staple of indoor kitchens all over the world. People love the way they resist heat, stains, germs, and bacteria. But these countertops are also well-loved in outdoor kitchens as well.

With a good coat of sealant, granite holds strong against rain and other weather elements. It won’t fade under direct sunlight either. Just be careful of using dark-colored stones outside, as they are more likely to soak up the sun’s rays and become hot to the touch.

Making Granite Your Choice

Granite is one of the most classic natural stones there is. It can last for generations—and even has the potential to raise the resale value of your home!

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