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Why You Should Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

Many people do not believe they need an outdoor kitchen when they already have an indoor kitchen. However, when they see the benefits of an outdoor kitchen and witness the value it adds to their existing home, the idea becomes extremely appealing! Keep reading in order to find out why we think investing in an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic idea. 




Forget the multiple trips inside to gather food, materials, and supplies. If you have an outdoor kitchen, all of your necessities are in one place. You can prepare food outdoors with an outdoor kitchen island, cook on your outdoor oven or grill, and serve food on the dishes that you have in your outdoor storage! This convenience makes having an outdoor kitchen an absolute necessity for your home. If you have guests over at your home, you are able to engage with your guests and speak to them while cooking. You can make your outdoor kitchen exactly as you want it- dishwasher, fridge, oven, fire pit- you name it, you can have it! With this customization, you are able to make your outdoor kitchen as convenient as possible. 



The options for an outdoor kitchen area are endless. Imagine a fire pit, a wood-fired pizza oven,  food on the grill, and comfortable seating. These options alone make entertaining your guests easy and enjoyable. If you choose to install a bar, you are able to mix drinks directly in front of your guests! You won’t have to leave your yard and can entertain straight from the grill. You can even set up a projector and have an outdoor movie space! Having an outdoor space makes it so much easier to host your guests, and it is generally easier to keep clean, as it is a more open area. 



If you ever decide to sell your home, having an outdoor kitchen adds instant value to your property. If it is set up in an attractive and elegant manner, it will draw potential buyers in immediately. The luxury of having an outdoor kitchen is a big factor that many potential homeowners are looking for. Some potential buyers don’t even know that they want an outdoor kitchen until they see how convenient and beautiful they can be! If you want to take your home to the next level and add value, make sure you add in an outdoor kitchen. 


Save Money on Utilities and Restaurant Bills

When you cook outside, you are saving energy that would have otherwise been used indoors. Each time you use your indoor kitchen for cooking, you end up increasing the overall temperature of your home, which pushes your air conditioning system to work even harder. However, if you keep it outside, your home won’t have to work to keep up with your cooking. Overall, you will end up saving on your electricity and air conditioning costs, and your utility bills will begin to go down.


Also, you save more money in the long run when you cook your own food. Most restaurants are wildly overpriced, and a big source of lost money for families. When you avoid going to a restaurant, you are able to save that money you would have otherwise spent. 


Improve your Health

Having a grill enables you to make bland foods taste delicious. Sometimes, vegetables can be rather plain, but firing them up on a grill can add a rich flavor that you can’t get anywhere else. Instead of unseasoned chicken baked in an oven, throwing a spicy rub on some chicken and grilling it makes for an amazing meal. When you are eating these grilled foods, you are avoiding deep-frying items, which leads to better health in the long run! You will also be more motivated to cook healthy foods, such as vegetables and lean meats. You can even grill fruit to bring out a caramelized taste!


Living Space Expansion

When you add an outdoor kitchen, you add a ton of space to relax. You don’t even have to cook every single time you use the outdoor kitchen! It can be as simple as reclining in one of your cozy outdoor chairs while you sit back and watch the stars. Having extra space helps your home feel more open and accessible, and decreases the feeling of being cramped. If you add lighting, you can use your living space both day and night. If you host a party or get together, having an outdoor space allows for guests to move freely between the outdoor area and the indoor area. This leaves more space for the rest of your guests! 


Keep Offensive Scents Outside

Cooking indoors can lead to offensive odors lingering inside your home. For example, while bacon is delicious, the smell of bacon grease can permeate everything inside your home for a very long time. When you cook outdoors, you keep all of the smells outside, instead of trapping them within your walls. If you are a fan of overly scented foods, an outdoor kitchen is a great option, as you can keep the smells away from your family and guests. Let those scents dissipate into the open air! 


Cooking Outdoors Becomes Easier

While we love a good campfire, it can get really messy when you try to cook. It can be even harder to clean up the mess that you made! If you have an outdoor kitchen with a sink, you are able to clean up after yourself with ease. With a grill, grilling equipment, and an outdoor oven, you don’t have to worry about pesky fires or hoping you can keep the source of heat moving long enough to cook your food. This helps cooking become much easier. 


When you are ready to create and install your outdoor kitchen, be sure to contact Capitol Granite. Capitol Granite specializes in creating beautiful spaces that meet your every need. We understand that pieces can be both attractive and functional at the same time, and we pride ourselves in our work. Contact us today for a quote! 



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