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Why Is Quartz So Popular?

Deciding on your next countertop installation, and can’t quite settle on the material you want to use? We here at Capitol Granite can ensure that you can’t go wrong with quartz! In recent years, quartz countertops have become the new trendy choice among consumers, as this engineered stone offers far more benefits than granite or marble. Here are the reasons why quartz countertops are taking the gold nowadays:

They Are Durable

As an engineered stone, quartz is far more durable than its counterparts. It is scratch-resistant, and non-porous, providing stain resistance as well. This allows for heightened durability without the need for resealing, which granite, marble, and the like require periodically. If you have young children, enjoy a glass of red wine often, or simply are a bit harder on your surfaces, quartz countertops will provide you with the best countertop material for high-use longevity.

They Are Low Maintenance

If you are an avid cooker, your countertops see a lot of wear over time. However, with quartz countertops, they will remain like new! Even though you must clean your countertops often when you are using them each day, with quartz you won’t have to fret about using the wrong cleaning solutions and harming your beautiful stone. You will be able to wipe down your surfaces with peace of mind and the comfort of knowing your countertops will stay intact.

They Come In A Variety Of Colors

If you are looking for a marble-look alike or something entirely unique, quartz countertops are manufactured and therefore can mimic whatever design you desire. There are many different quartz countertops that mirror that of granite and marble so well, those visiting your home won’t be able to tell the difference; yet, you will have the added benefits of durability and ease of care. Whether you want a polished, honed, embossed, or sandblasted finish, these finishes can all be accomplished with quartz countertops as well.

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