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What is a mitered edge?

A mitered edge is two pieces of stone cut at a 45 degree angle put together with the seam at the corner, giving the appearance of a rich, “thick” countertop while appearing seamless. (See attached cutaway). We create mitered edges using materials such as Quartz, natural stone (granite, marble, quartzite), and similar process with solid surface (i.e., Corian).

Why choose a mitered edge?

Countertops, tables, and waterfall panels look modern and lavish as they become the focal point of the design. When the average person walks into a room with mitered countertops, their eyes are immediately drawn to the luxurious detail. Mitered countertops are one of the most preferred elements for kitchen upgrades.

Edges are an important part of designing your kitchen, and the “Flat Edge” look has been most edging style requested by the customer for years. Mitered edges provide the same look but enhanced, as the material thickness is no longer a visual constraint to appearance. It can provide a rich, luxurious style that can complement and style cabinet for a modern look and feel.

What is the best thickness for a mitered edge?

The thickness of your countertops is an important detail in designing your kitchen. For most residential kitchens, the ideal thickness is 2”. The vertical piece, sometimes called the ‘drop’ or ‘apron’ hides a material called substrate which supports the countertop and raises the height of the tops…..an important ergonomic consideration. If the miter were to ‘lip-over’ the face of the cabinets, it would interfere with doors, drawers and even the opening of a dishwasher if it were not ‘built up.’

What is a Waterfall edge miter?

Some designers prefer the look of waterfall edges which are mitered panels that run all the way to the floor, giving the appearance of a solid seamless block of material.

Imagine a slab of stone with veining that appears to be one piece folded down to the floor.

Mitered countertops add a very modern and contemporary feel to your kitchen. A lot of interior designers choose mitered edges as they provide the perfect way to upgrade your home in a very stylish and fashionable way. The benefits outweigh the cons when it comes to mitered edges. They cost a little more than the standard decorative edge but the compliments you will receive are priceless.


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