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What Are Remnant Slabs?

Waste not, want not! From recycling cans to using old jars as vases, this saying isn’t just a one-off mantra for your grandma to repeat as she urges you to finish your broccoli. At Capitol Granite, “waste not, want not” reminds us to think resourcefully and responsibly about our countertop materials and installations. One of the ways we remain committed to this is through the use of remnant slabs.

What Are They?

When a customer purchases a stone slab for their kitchen or bathroom countertop remodel, we custom cut it to size for the project. The leftover piece of the stone is what we call a remnant slab. While these pieces are too small to complete a whole new countertop, they’re large enough to keep around for other jobs. It would be environmentally and fiscally irresponsible of us to discard remnants!

Where Do We Use Them?

Since they come from a slew of different customers, each with individual tastes, remnant slabs come in a wide variety of colors and styles. This gives new customers a chance to choose from a large selection for their project.

The size of remnant slabs vary but are very rarely large enough to do a full kitchen. Even when they are just the right size, on the off chance that something could go wrong during installation, we wouldn’t have enough material to fix and finish the job and the customers would need to choose a whole new stone. Because of this, we typically save remnants for smaller jobs like bathroom vanities and laundry room counters! If you’re curious about what to expect during an installation with us, be sure to check out our latest blog on it.

A Capitol Granite Remnant Slab

When you chose Capitol Granite for your countertop installations, you chose right! Taking on the environmental responsibility of using as much material as we can out of one slab is something in which we take pride. Additionally, we do our best to offer incredible value on remnants by pricing them at the low price of $44 per square foot! This way, our homeowners can choose a higher-end piece of granite or quartz at an affordable price for your latest home remodel!

For your countertop installation, contact Capitol Granite at (804) 265-4751! Browse our website for different materials and services, and make your first appointment. We are here to make your remodel an easy one!


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