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Unique Uses for Natural Stone

Whether you are familiar with natural stone in the form of granite, marble, or quartz, you are no doubt aware it is a popular countertop material.  But did you know that it can be used for much more than that? Natural stone is commonly used as countertops in both kitchens and bathrooms. And while it is a durable and stylish way to add a safe place for cutting to your kitchen or getting ready in the bathroom, natural stone is inherently versatile and goes beyond countertops. Come along with us as we explore the top twelve unique uses for natural stone around your home


Use 1: Shelves


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If the space in your home is at a premium, shelves can add function as well as design to any room. Floating shelves in particular are a great way to make use of vertical space, and shelves crafted from granite remnants would be a bold statement. Keep in mind, however, that natural stone is inherently heavy, so each piece must be properly supported.


Use 2: Garden Path Markers


If your garden or other outdoor space is looking a bit dull, some pieces of natural stone could be the perfect thing to spice it up. Adding random pieces in a meandering way or cutting them so they are uniform are both viable options. This gives you the opportunity to get creative, and you can be certain you will have a path that is uniquely yours at the end.


Use 3: Furniture Tops


Too much wood in your current decor? Natural stone can help with that! Putting a stone top on an end table, desk, or bar can help to incorporate different textures and provide visual interest. Not only that, but when you are done you can finish it with a decorative edge to give it that little  extra bit of flair.


Use 4: Fireplace


Granite is often used for fireplace surrounds because it is naturally heat resistant. You can use remnants for this, then fashion a decorative frame around the opening. Additionally, you could even build a mantle or hearth out of granite as well.


Use 5: Backsplashes


Granite and quartz are generally used for backsplashes since they are hard and non-porous, although marble is sometimes used too. Easy to clean and very durable, you can either create a unique mosaic with small stones in various sizes and colors, or try to make a design that is more uniform. Either way, it will be totally unique to your kitchen.


Use 6: Outdoor Kitchens


Outdoor living spaces have gotten much more popular in recent years, and homeowners often want to outfit them to match the insides of their homes. Natural stone countertops are perfect for outdoor kitchen workspaces because it is durable and easy to clean. Not only that, it look elegant and will have your guests talking in no time.


Use 7: Closets


This one might seem odd at first, but think about it: stone countertops go just as nicely in a closet as they do in the kitchen or bathroom. This reflective surface is a beautiful place to showcase jewelry, handbags, or other heirlooms. It also provides a great place to fold laundry, and is more aesthetically pleasing than some alternatives.


Use 8: Showers and Bath


We know that natural stone might already be a feature of your bathroom in the form of a countertop, but have you ever considered expanding on that? Natural stone can easily be used to finish an entire bathroom, a feature wall, or the walls inside your shower. This could be a fantastic way to elevate your next renovation.


Use 9: Columns


Rather than thinking of load-bearing columns as a potential design hindrance, try to picture them as functional and aesthetically charming. Granite or marble finished with an intricate cornice looks luxurious, whereas stone pillars are subdued and earthy. Whatever your style or budget, there is a natural stone option that will fit it.


Use 10: Decorative Lattice


Geometrical or asymmetrical designs can be incorporated into stone lattice and bring natural light and ventilation to your home. This type of design is typically suited to balconies or partitions and will give any space more depth and dimension.


Use 11: Backlit Bars or Staircases


A natural stone such as onyx is perfect to convey sophistication in a space when you add a light behind it. You can go as small or as large with this feature as you want and it will still have a major impact. When the stone is lit from behind, you will see natural hues and unique characteristics that you cannot otherwise.


Use 12: Luxe Furniture


Suited to both indoor and outdoor spaces, natural stone furniture has a variety of applications. Marble in particular is fantastic as a fixed tabletop or an entire seating arrangement depending on your taste. Ottomans and benches are other options to incorporate natural stone into your home.


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