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Unique Uses for Butcher Block

Unique Uses for Butcher BlockYou probably know that butcher block is a popular kitchen material, but are you aware that it can be used for much more than that? Butcher block is generally made of hardwood maple and is commonly used as a cutting board or work surface. And while it is a durable and stylish way to add a safe place for cutting to your kitchen, butcher block is inherently versatile and goes beyond food preparation. Come along with us as we explore the top five unique uses for butcher block around your home!



Use 1: Garage Workspace

If you work in a garage, shop, or any other creative space, you know that a solid workbench is essential. Along with a heavy duty frame that will not move or shake, a butcher block top can be a great way to elevate your workbench. Butcher block is hard enough to work on while still looking good as it takes the abuse from your tools, chemicals, or whatever else you might be using. And unlike a metal top, a wood top has a little bit of give that absorbs any strikes or blows. Finally, you can always get a butcher block top and add it to a preexisting cabinet or workbench, rather than buying a whole new setup.

Use 2: Bathroom Vanity

Obviously, butcher block is a popular choice for kitchen countertops, so why don’t we see it more in bathrooms? Whether you choose an ultra modern open vanity made entirely out of butcher block, or simply put a butcher block countertop on an existing cabinet, this material adds a note of warmth and some textural interest to your bathroom. Just be sure that you seal your butcher block liberally so it remains waterproof, since bathrooms are such high traffic areas and have a lot of humidity.

Use 3: Replacement Sewing Table Top

Do you have an old or damaged sewing table top that needs replacing? Butcher block is a great option for this because it is so sturdy. It will easily hold up your sewing machine while protecting your sewing materials when they are inside the table. Removing your old sewing table top and replacing it with butcher block should not be too hard, and it will give your sewing table a fresh, clean look.

Use 4: Outdoor Cooking Area

Since a lot of people have butcher block countertops inside their homes, why not have one outside? If you have an outdoor kitchen, a butcher block countertop can serve as not only a great place to prepare food, but a conversational piece. And because butcher block is so durable and is made of dense wood, you can be sure it is going to last for quite a while even if it is outside.

Use 5: Built-Ins and Extra Storage

Butcher block is often designed to fit into wire shelves or on tables to add workspace, but it can also be used to provide extra storage. For example, if you need to balance something that does not sit well on another shelf, butcher block could be a solution. Additionally, you could always DIY your own built-in shelves using butcher block. It comes in a variety of colors, grains, and wood types, so it is easy to customize your shelves for visual interest.

Bonus Uses

Since butcher block is just so versatile, let’s cap things off with a few bonus creative uses:

  • Serving platters. You may already be using a piece of butcher block to cut up your fruits or cheeses for a get-together, so why not just use it as a serving tray as well? Wood goes well in most rooms and with almost any decor – plus, you’ll have less dishes to do!
  • Cake displays. Butcher block can also be a great way to display your cakes or other sweet treats when you have a party. Think about putting your child’s birthday cupcakes on top of butcher block, or even using it in your next holiday centerpiece.
  • Hot pads. Butcher block is thick enough that it can be used as an impromptu hot pad if your pot or pan is too big for your usual cork one. Just be sure not to leave it on there too long, or it might burn!

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