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Laundry Room Countertops

Laundry Room Countertops

Having a dedicated laundry room in your home is one of the most attractive features it can have. Instead of doing your laundry in your kitchen or basement, you’ll benefit from a room dedicated to doing your and your family’s laundry. As such, a laundry room should be created with everything you’ll need to get laundry done effectively, from start to finish.

Choosing laundry room countertops comes with a few considerations in mind. Beyond their appearance and color/style, you’ll want to choose laundry room countertops that work well when folding clothing. Below, we’ll explore some commonly used laundry room countertop materials to choose from. Soon, you’ll be able to pick the correct type of laundry room countertops that work best for you and your home.

Stone Countertops

Amongst options for laundry room countertops, stone offers the most luxurious and high-end look. Stone is natural stone is flat and exceptionally smooth, making it the perfect laundry-folding surface. Stone countertops may be made of granite or quartz, often the same materials used for kitchen countertops. Their durability is helpful for high-traffic laundry rooms in larger homes or homes with many people living in them. Maintenance-free quartz is a fantastic choice.  Stain and scratch-resistant, Quartz will stand the test of time as a worksurface in the laundry area. 

The aesthetic choices of stone countertops are also vast. When you choose granite or quartz, you’ll have many options, including marbled options. While stone countertops may cost more than other types of laundry room countertop materials, they’re a great investment that provides style and durability for many years.

Gift Wrapping and other uses

Not only will your new stone countertops help in the laundry area, but they make a great utility surface for other household tasks.  Holiday wrapping stands out as one of those times you will be so glad you added these tops.  No more backaches and sitting on the floor wrapping gifts for hours.  Your back will thank you! 

Choose Capitol Granite

At Capitol Granite, we offer several countertop materials to utilize for your laundry room countertops. We offer granite, marble, natural stone, butcher block, and so much more.

Not sure which type of material to choose for your laundry room? Talk to one of our professional design experts for a complimentary virtual or in-person consultation. We’ll talk through all of your unique needs and help you determine the best material to use for you and your home.


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