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How to Choose your Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanityYour bathroom vanity is one of the most important parts of your bathroom. Every day, you spend time standing there washing your hands, getting ready, brushing your teeth, and more. As such, the size of your bathroom vanity and the storage space provided matter. 


If you’re considering an upcoming bathroom renovation, keep reading to explore some helpful tips in choosing a bathroom vanity. Of course, you’re bound to care most about the style of the bathroom vanity you select. While aesthetics are important to creating a bathroom you love, functionality is essential too. Below, we’ll offer some important things to consider for the best functionality of your new bathroom vanity.


Consider the Usage

The first step to selecting the right bathroom vanity is to consider its usage. The type of vanity you select will depend on who will be using it and what their needs are. For example, families may have multiple people using the vanity. This may indicate that you need extra spacious countertops, double sinks, and lots of storage space to accommodate personal items! With the users of the vanity in mind, you’ll be able to hone in on a type of bathroom vanity that provides functionality.


Plumbing Location

Next, consider where your plumbing in the bathroom is located. Most likely, you will need to place your vanity where your plumbing is located. In some cases, you may wish to have the plumbing changed, however, consider the additional expense when budgeting for your bathroom renovations.


The type of vanity you select must be able to accommodate the plumbing situation in your bathroom. Certain types of bathroom vanities, such as wall-mounted vanities, may require non-standard plumbing hookups. If you’re not sure what your bathroom can accommodate, we recommend seeking advice from a trusted plumbing professional.


Storage Needs

Besides a place to hold your sink, the bathroom vanity serves an important role as a place to hold your personal care products. Most people keep all of their daily essentials in their bathroom vanity, such as toothpaste, hair styling products, body care products, and more. 


It is important to consider your storage needs when browsing through options for bathroom vanities. While many options may look great, they may leave you short on storage space. Ultimately, this will leave your newly renovated bathroom looking cluttered! 


Options for storage include cabinet doors as well as pull-out drawers within the bathroom vanity. Consider the placement and layout of the bathroom to determine which storage solution would work best for the space. In addition, this also goes back to step #1, where you’ve considered who will be using the vanity. How much stuff do they need to hold? If your bathroom is used by many people, opt for a bathroom vanity model with the maximum amount of storage possible.


Type of Bathroom Vanity Sink

Another part of your bathroom vanity to consider is the sink. With many sink styles, shapes, and materials to choose from, the choices can become overwhelming. Consider how much space you want the sink to take up when compared to the surrounding countertop. The amount of surface area remaining will impact how many items you can place on your bathroom vanity.


Selecting Materials for Bathroom Vanities

Another important component of your bathroom vanity selection is the type of material you pick. The materials are important in ensuring durability. As you redo your bathroom, you’ll want to select a heavy-duty and durable bathroom vanity material that will last for many years. At Capitol Granite, our experts can help you select the best materials for your vanity based on your preferences.


Household bathrooms can get dirty quite quickly! Therefore, you may also wish to consider the maintenance required for the materials you select. Some materials are easier to maintain and require less frequent cleaning. In contrast, other materials show lots of dirt and wear and tear, which can quickly become a hassle. Given the moist and warm conditions of a bathroom, consider materials that will hold up in warm environments.


For vanity countertops, durable materials without lots of grout are great options. At Capitol Granite, we offer many durable countertop materials that are perfect for bathroom vanities. For example, natural stone countertops including granite or marble are excellent options that are durable and stain-resistant. Ask our specialists to walk you through the many available materials today!


Looking to upgrade your bathroom vanity? Give us a call at Capitol Granite! We offer a wide selection of everything you need to create your dream bathroom vanity. In addition, we offer premier installation services in the Richmond and Central VA regions.



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