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How to Choose Cabinet Hardware 

With an endless variety of cabinet hardware, it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re choosing hardware for your home. However, we at Capitol Granite are here to make your selection choices a little easier! 


Different Types of Hardware

Knobs: Knobs are smaller than handle pulls, and can be used on a variety of projects in your home. Knobs are also much easier to install, as they are affixed with a simple screw.


Pulls: Pulls are easier to hold and grip, and are usually bigger than knobs. These are best for drawers or cabinets.


Selecting a Style

When you have decided whether you want knobs or pulls (or a combination), the next step is selecting a style. Look at the space you are working with first. Are there heritage-based designs? Traditional woodwork? Modern, sleek lines? Decide whether you want a more traditional style or a more modern style in order to match your space. 


Choose a Finish

After picking the style, it’s time to choose a finish. Check the color of your appliances, cabinets, and light fixtures. If you pick a finish that is warm (such as brass), your piece will have a more vintage feel. If you pick a finish that is cool (such as silver), your piece will have a more contemporary feel. However, don’t be afraid to mix and match! Sometimes it is best to mix the different colors of metal, especially when you want to express yourself. 


Choose a Shape

There are plenty of different shapes when it comes to hardware. Look at the design elements in your space. Do they have a lot of straight lines or a lot of curved lines? Try to find a curved pull that goes with the flow of a slightly curved cabinet, or a straight pull that matches the straight line of a rigid cabinet. 


Consider the Comfort

Consider the feel of the knobs or pulls. Touch the pulls (or knobs), and decide how they feel to you. Does it feel nice? Are your fingers crammed too tightly in the pull? Is the knob too sharp? If the knob or pull is too sharp or ridged, imagine how that’s going to feel when you reach for it multiple times a day. Pick hardware that is comfortable for you! 


Determine Size

Finally, determine the proper size for your knob or pull. The general rule is a 1:3 pull ratio, which means your pull needs to be ⅓ of the size of your drawer width. For knobs, a 1” knob is best for small drawers, a 1.5” knob is preferred for medium drawers, and two knobs are recommended for large drawers. 


In the end, it is best to experiment with your own personal style, and determine what works best for your space. Remember to visit Capitol Granite at https://capitolgranite.net/ for all of your hardware needs!


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