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Hidden Kitchen Storage Ideas

When it comes to storage, you can never have too much.  Whether you have a small kitchen or simply have a ton of kitchen stuff, optimizing storage is essential for your kitchen workspace. It may seem like you’ve exhausted all of your storage options, but sometimes a little creativity can go a long way in adding storage space. The great news is that there are more storage products and organization tools at our disposal than ever before. Check out these ideas for hidden kitchen storage you may not have considered. With a bit of creativity, there is sure to be a hidden kitchen storage idea that works for every kitchen’s needs.

Cabinet Storage Accessories

Whether it’s your Kitchen aid or just those pesky cans at the back of your corner cabinet, there is an accessory that will make your life easier.  There are products to help you get the functionality back in your kitchen.  A fan favorite is the Kitchen-aid Mixer storage.  We just love all the counter space you can get back when you store those appliances.  The mixer shelf holds your mixer under the cabinet and easily lifts when you need to use it.  A quick clean and in seconds it is ready to store without all the heavy lifting.

Not a baker? No worries it doesn’t end there. Pull out shelving is a popular option as well.  It allows you to utilize all that under counter space and not have to pull everything out on the floor to access what is stored in the back.  When you find the correct item, with a flick of the wrist you can quickly store the rest back in the cabinet for safe keeping. Your solution may be a rollout tray or a tiered curved storage rack but rest assured your back will thank you!

We absolutely love the look of a wood cutlery divider.  Whether you are getting new cabinets or reorganizing old, the perfect divider is out there.  One of our favorites is the multilevel slide storage.

Have a base cabinet with extra space? You may want to add utensil storage unit for all those large ladles and spoons.  Because it is a pull out, it utilizes the height of your base cabinet to create easy reach and visibility for your utensils.  You can finally give up fighting with the drawer that wont open because of a rogue spatula!

With so many storage options, we are sure to find the right fit for your cabinet.   If you’re looking for more ways to revamp your kitchen, we can help. Call us today at Capitol Granite for kitchen cabinets and countertop services. We’re a premier cabinet and countertop provider and installer that can help you make your dream kitchen come true!


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