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Guide to Bathroom Cabinets

Upgrading your bathroom cabinetry can give your bathroom an entirely new look. Whether you’re doing a partial renovation, just upgrading your cabinets, or overhauling your entire bathroom, choosing new bathroom cabinets is one the most important decisions to make. With many designs and materials to choose from, many homeowners are often stumped when it comes to choosing bathroom cabinets.

In this guide, we’ll offer some tips and suggestions for choosing the best bathroom cabinets for your upgrade.

Start with a Budget

The first step to making your bathroom cabinet decision run smoothly is to create a budget. Before you start shopping, it is a smart idea to have an idea of what you total investment will be. Having a general budget in mind will make choosing cabinet styles and materials easier. New bathroom cabinets can range from affordable to luxury, depending on your choices.

Measuring your Space

Getting accurate measurements and dimensions when shopping for new cabinets is critical. When measuring your space, including the location of doors, placement of vanity mirrors, location of electrical and water fixtures, and other important features.

You’ll want to identify the correct height for your vanity as well as the depth. Traditionally they made vanity cabinets at a height of 31 inches.  Today, we see a taller 34 inch height has become much more commonplace.  The most important step in your measurements is to communicate how they were taken.  Were they take from the finished floor height? Did you include the existing countertop?  Did you include the toe kick in your measurement? Your cabinet professional can use this information to help you choose the vanity that is right for your needs.

Vanity Designs

Whether you’re replacing an existing vanity or starting from scratch, vanities come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. First, consider how many sinks your vanity should hold. If redesigning the space entirely, you may opt for an L-shaped vanity, double vanity, or single-standing vanity.

Vanities can be either built-in or free-standing, depending on the style of the room. Finding the right vanity and countertop style will make choosing the best cabinetry easier later in the process.

Consider Storage Space

Proper storage is important for bathrooms of any size. Without adequate storage, your newly renovated bathroom can quickly look cluttered and dated. Before upgrading to new cabinets, reconsider how much storage you want and gather ideas for storage solutions. Upgrading your cabinets is the right time to consider if your storage needs will change in the future and consider making appropriate accommodations when choosing cabinets.  There are many options for pull out trays, drawer organizers and other accessories that will make your life easier!

Choosing a Cabinet Style and Finish

Familiarizing yourself with various cabinet styles can help you get an idea of what you like. Whether you’re seeking a modern, industrial look or a vintage, farmhouse look, there are cabinet styles to match every bathroom vision. Looking online at Pinterest or HGTV for design inspiration can help spark new ideas for your bathroom space.

Standard cabinets may include particleboard, plywood, medium-density fiberboard, or solid wood. These cabinets come in varying finishes, styles, or designs. At Capitol Granite we have carefully and thoughtfully chosen the brands we sell.  We are able to provide you with a quality all plywood construction cabinet with may luxury upgrades that come standard on our cabinets.  We include cushion close door and drawer glides, solid dovetail drawer construction and that is just to name a few.  At Capitol Granite we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between form or function.  We can help you design a beautiful bathroom that will enhance the way you interact with your space.

With these tips and considerations in mind, you’re on your way to choosing the best new bathroom cabinets for you! Interested in getting started with installing beautiful new cabinets to upgrade your bathroom? Check out Capitol Granite today, the premier cabinet provider and installer in the Richmond and Central Virginia regions.


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