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Founder Paul Menninger Reflects on 20 Years of Capitol Granite

20 Years of Capitol Granite!As we celebrate 20 years at Capitol Granite, I wanted to take some time to reflect on how we got here, what the journey has been like, and how our industry has changed. From the days of my formative years, working with my hands and creating something beautiful has been my passion. I love what I do, and I appreciate you, our customers, for making this job so much fun.

Beginning Construction and Capitol Granite

As a child, I was a boy scout and did a lot of woodworking projects with my dad. Since we spent a lot of time doing projects ourselves, I quickly learned many skills. As I passed through college and the military, I found myself getting into the house flipping business. I enjoyed the work but found it challenging to get granite when I needed it. That was when I received my calling.


Twenty years ago, when I started Capitol Granite, it was to meet a need and take advantage of the incredible opportunity for automation I saw in other trades, but absent in the stone industry. Natural stone going into homes was just beginning to pick up, and with the few available companies, it was hard to get service. So I solved that problem by creating one of my own.

Our Growth

We started out in a small, 3,000 square foot space with three people creating the stone counters. At the time, we also started embracing digital technology in coordination with CNC technology to make the process even smoother and more efficient. Our 3,000 square feet turned into 12,000 and then into the 24,000 square foot facility we use today. Now, we are also working to create cabinetry that compliments our countertops. As difficult as it can be to coordinate all of the moving pieces for a successful installation while being scalable, we are able to offer our contractors an efficient process by handling both cabinetry and countertops.

I Love This Work

Simply put, I don’t go to work; I play. I love creating beauty with my hands, and I enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. I love working and helping my employees gain skills and become responsible, hardworking young people who will go out into the world and use the skills they’ve learned with us. Talking to clients is fun, and helping them achieve the beautiful home of their dreams is something I look forward to every day.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

There will always be specific projects that come to mind when I think of the ones I have loved in the past. Often, they are the ones that push the boundaries of what we believe natural stone can do, but often, they are in places with some notoriety. For example, we were doing some installation work in the CIA headquarters, and it was fascinating because there was so much security and checking in that we had to do. The work was exciting, but the environment was unbeatable; it was like something out of Star Wars. At other times, we’ve been working for restaurants or even stadiums, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of people admiring the work my team has done. Now, since we are getting into cabinetry, I am starting to find myself back in my woodworking roots with my dad. 

Shifting Trends

When we first started, green was the thing, and granite was the majority of our business; now, much of our work is switching over to quartz. Customers are mostly looking for white with gray quartz or even white with gold quartz, but the white is prevailing either way. I am also starting to see colors begin to pop back into the mix. Of course, trends always change and evolve, but most of our stonework, at least for right now, is quartz.

Looking Into The Future

In the future, I think an automated shop will be king. Shops will need to become automated to meet customer demand, needs, and changing styles. However, I also don’t expect that the desire for quartz is going anywhere soon, and I believe some color will find its way back into kitchen design. It’s a good performance product whose colors and patterns can keep current with demand, as it is manmade from crushed quartz. Which is a type of natural stone.


We can’t wait to help you with your next design project. Please visit us at ​​https://capitolgranite.net/ to learn more about our company and get started.


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