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Choosing the Perfect Backsplash

What’s on your wish list this Christmas? We think the perfect backsplash should be at the top!


When designing or remodeling your kitchen, the backsplash can sometimes be an oversight. What many don’t realize is that


Kitchen backsplashes do serve a purpose other than creating a beautiful kitchen aesthetic. Originally kitchen backsplashes were solely installed for functional purposes instead of decorative. Designed to protect the walls from food and beverage splatter, they tended to measure just around 4 inches tall. Often they were only found behind the sink and stove areas for protection.


It’s safe to say that the kitchen backsplash has evolved over the years! Beginning as simply a protectant, they now serve as more of a statement piece. 


Need help choosing the perfect backsplash? Look no further!


A Countertop Compliment

Countertops are an important feature to include in your backsplash decision making process! Choosing a backsplash without any thought as to what your countertops will look like is not the best idea as it is meant to compliment your kitchen instead of take away or distract. 


We suggest choosing your countertops before choosing the backsplash option. Countertops are the centerpiece of your kitchen and really the backsplash is there to help make your countertops pop. If you need help choosing the best countertop for your kitchen, check out another recent blog post about all things bold countertops!


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