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Bathroom Trends for the New Year

Bathroom Remodelling Guide for 2022

The year is coming to a close and the new year is bringing us new perspectives, new habits, and as always, change. If you’re looking for ways to refresh your home this year and create a place for you to unwind and relax, it’s the perfect time to start planning your bathroom remodel.

While the idea of a remodel and new space is exciting, it won’t come without a lot of planning, elbow grease, and time. As you begin, start by making a budget with enough padding for unexpected costs. Then comes the fun part of choosing the look of your new bathroom. From choosing paint colors to tiles and countertops, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all your options.

If you’re looking to create a perfectly on trend bathroom, but aren’t sure what the latest popular selections are, don’t worry. The Capitol Granite team is here to give you advice on all these things and more in order to keep up with the latest trends while creating a space you love.


Color is where it all begins! Repainting a bathroom can be time consuming, so be sure you love the color before committing to it completely. While an all white restroom is considered timeless, statement walls are making an appearance in the New Year. There is a rise in popularity of dark color palettes for bathrooms this year, as well as bright pops of color and interesting patterns to bring interest to the room.

Another great way to add personality and flair to the room is with a statement wall. Choose a bold print to create contrast with your smooth fixtures and watch guests walk out of the powder room raving about it!


A great bathroom is all about the fixtures. Heading into 2022, you’ll want to go for a cohesive look for your showerhead, faucet, and handles. Go with all black, silver, or gold for a lush and intentional feel.


A well lit bathroom can make all the difference. Go for statement sconces and recessed down light to bathe the room in a warm glow. Add lighting underneath the cabinets for late night bathroom trips and behind the mirrors to elevate your morning routine. Whatever lighting fixtures you choose, be sure they go with the overall theme of the room (luxurious, mid-century modern, scandinavian, beachy, retro), and opt for LED lighting.


Intricate floor tile designs are making a comeback. Hexagonal, floral, or herringbone are some top choices. If you go for bold tiling, be sure to choose simple cabinets, countertops, and paint to go along with it in order to keep from an overwhelming room.

Other tile options we see popping up include:

  • Wood slats
  • Slate
  • Subway tiles (white and colorful!)
  • Ceramic

You can even mix and match tiles to create visually interesting focal points behind the sink or in the shower.


As the countertop experts, we will happily install any countertop you’d like in 2022. However, natural stone is the front runner for the year. Here are some of the most commonly sought after countertop options that will continue popping up more often in bathrooms this year.


A nice, clean marble countertop will always have its place in homes across the country. The simpler grains make it easy to pair with bold color choices and funky tile and wallpaper.


Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and when you find the right piece, you won’t be able to give it up! Plus, they are environmentally friendly and durable enough to last you many morning routines.


If you’re looking for a more uniform design than a natural stone, quartz is the one for you. There are many different colors and designs available that you’re bound to find something to match your statement wall!

Countertop Installation for Your Remodel

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