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Benefits of Stone Countertops

Whether you’re updating your countertops as part of a kitchen renovation or starting from scratch to design the kitchen of your dreams, choosing the right materials for your kitchen can quickly become overwhelming. Kitchen countertops are available in varying materials to choose from, with advantages and disadvantages to each type of material.   

Amongst the most popular materials for kitchen countertops are natural stone countertops, such as ones made from granite, marble, or quartz. Natural stone countertops have made benefits to consider for your kitchen. Keep reading to learn more about the surprising benefits of choosing stone countertops.


Perhaps the most obvious benefit of stone countertops is their beauty. Natural stone countertops provide a luxurious look to finish any kitchen. Even better, marble, granite, quartz, and other natural stones, never go out of style. As kitchen trends change, you’ll always be sure to love your stone countertops.    Many styles, colors, and designs of stone countertops are available, allowing you to choose a piece of nature that works within your kitchen’s style. Unlike other man-made materials used on kitchen countertops, stone countertops provide a glamorous look for many years to come.


A primary benefit of stone countertops is their ability to withstand heat, scratches, and stains. When creating a brand-new kitchen, you want to feel like you can use your kitchen without worry. After all, kitchens are made to be cooked in! Natural stone materials resist heat damage from warm pots and pans and won’t scratch from utensils and cooking materials.  While it is possible to damage these materials with excessive use, stone countertops are easily fixable compared to other types of countertop damage. The nonporous material of stone countertops allows it to also resist stains easily. For avid cooks and families with multiple children, stone countertops provide peace of mind for a long-lasting, durable countertop surface.  

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Stone countertops are easy to care for, clean, and require little ongoing maintenance. You can spray down your countertops with household cleaners, or simply warm water and soap to clean. Natural stone materials, such as quartz, are designed to look as beautiful as new over the course of many years. Therefore, stone countertops are such a great investment in kitchen renovations!    In addition to little maintenance required, natural stone surfaces also help to resist bacteria build-up in your kitchen. Granite and quartz naturally are nonporous, which means bacteria won’t build up in their pores. Without pores, you can ensure a clean surface to cook on!  

Many homeowners choose stone countertops, such as quartz or granite, for their kitchen countertop material. Stone countertops provide many benefits, including a beautiful, timeless appearance, an easy-to-clean and sanitary surface, and a durable workspace to cook on. Not to mention, adding stone countertops to your kitchen helps increase your home’s resale value too!   

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