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Bathroom design for the Whole Family

Bathroom design for the whole familyBathroom design encompasses several important steps, from picking the layout to choosing materials. In addition to style considerations, making your bathroom functional for the whole family means considering everyone’s needs. Balancing the “getting ready” needs of both children and adults means careful planning.


If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, consider these design tips to make your space functional for the whole family. Below, we’ll explore the best-kept secrets to make your bathroom fit for both children and adults.


Dont Underestimate Storage Needs

You might have heard the phrase: “you can never have enough storage!”. This common saying holds true when it comes to designing a family-friendly bathroom. When multiple people in a household are using the same bathroom, there’s bound to be lots of stuff. From personal care products to health and beauty aid products, each person is likely to have their stuff which can make a bathroom seem cluttered.


When planning your bathroom design, use every space possible for storage. Wasted wall space can be turned into shelving or cabinetry to add more storage space. Underneath the sink space can be used for additional storage, as can mirror-medicine cabinets. However much storage you think you need, you probably need more.


While there are many attractive designs and styles to choose from, finding fixtures that combine style and functionality is the goal.


Tub-Shower Combo

If you’re short on space, a tub-shower combo is the perfect space-saving solution. While a stand-alone shower may be preferred by adults, you’ll need a tub for young children. With a tub-shower combo, you can have the best of both worlds and make the space functional for every person in your family. In addition, many tub-shower combos come with built-in shelving and storage to hold shampoos, soaps, and other shower products. (Hidden storage!)


Materials for Surfaces

With the whole family using a single bathroom space, choosing materials that are easy to maintain is essential. While it may be tempting to select materials that catch your eye, their functionality is important. Children can put some serious wear and tear on fragile materials, thus, it’s best to choose sturdy and durable materials for your bathroom remodel.


When selecting cabinets, go for flat-front cabinets. These types of cabinets are easier to wipe down. You may also wish to avoid having handles, as these seem to always accumulate grime. Shaker-style cabinets or raised looks tend to accumulate lots of dirt within the crevices and will require more frequent cleaning.


For flooring material, choose a material that is water-resistant and easy to clean. Vinyl is a great cost-effective choice that comes in a variety of styles and patterns. In addition, vinyl is a softer surface, which can be helpful for young children who are prone to falls.


For the shower/tub, you may wish to consider large tiles, as they have less grout in between. Grout is one thing that can make a heavily-used bathroom seem dirty. Removing stains from grout is especially difficult. By using large tiles, your bathroom will have a cleaner appearance and hold up for longer.

Utilize Hanging Space

As with storage, maximizing hanging space can make your bathroom stay neater. To keep your bathroom tidy, invest in solid, heavy-duty towel bars and racks for every member of the family to hang their towels. Over-the-door hooks are also a great option to make use of that unused behind-the-door space. When placing towel bars, be sure to keep the little ones’ height in mind. You’ll want to have a foldable step stool nearby for the kids!

Double Vanities

If space allows, having two vanities will make mornings much easier. This allows two people to get ready at the same time. Some families wish to add a small privacy divider to give each person a bit more privacy when getting ready. If space does not allow for two separate vanities, you can also consider a double sink with less counter space surrounding the sink.


With multiple people getting ready in the same bathroom space, don’t forget the importance of a good bathroom fan. Circulation in your bathroom is important to reduce the risk of mold and mildew from wet, moist conditions. In addition, it can help to neutralize odors from the bathroom. When selecting an exhaust fan, choose one with a simple switch that your children can easily use.


Getting Started

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