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The Benefits Of American Hardwoods

When building or renovating a kitchen, it is important to consider the versatility and durability of American hardwoods. Choosing to use hardwoods is an environmentally conscious choice, as well as an economically appropriate choice. From furniture to flooring, hardwoods are an excellent choice in any form for your kitchen. Here are a few of the top benefits:


  • Sustainability: American hardwoods can be harvested legally, with little impact on the environment. Instead of just wiping out an entire clearing of trees, harvesting American hardwoods involves selecting mature trees, which preserves environments and habitats.
  • Abundance: American hardwoods, even when harvested, continue to naturally grow back and replenish over time. More American hardwoods are grown each year than harvested, which means there is always an abundant supply.
  • Efficiency: Hardwoods are strong, durable, and efficient. When hardwoods are processed, there is minimal waste. For example, bark and wood chips are collected and turned into mulch. Sawdust can be converted into wood pellets. 
  • Beauty: Regardless of which hardwood you pick, the wood will always be visually stunning. There are many species to choose from, and each tree is different, which means every product you create from hardwoods will be unique and unlike any other product out there. 


Which Hardwoods Are Most Abundant?

When deciding what hardwoods to use in your home, consider the rarity of the hardwoods that you prefer. Here are some statistics:

  • 52% of hardwoods are red and white oak trees.
  • 11% of hardwoods are poplar trees.
  • 8% of hardwoods are maple trees. 
  • 5% of hardwoods are ash trees.
  • 4% of hardwoods are cherry trees. 
  • 3% of hardwoods are alder trees. 
  • 17% of hardwoods are considered “other” trees, such as basswood, birch, cottonwood, elm, gum, hickory/pecan, walnut, and other species. 


Hardwoods In The Kitchen

American hardwoods can be a controversial material in a kitchen, because there is a large misconception that they will be exposed to wetness and therefore rot. Kitchens aren’t as much as a high moisture area as you would think. They are prone to spills, but as long as they are mopped up and not left to sit, there shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever. Overspray from the kitchen sink usually doesn’t lead to standing water in the floor, so the “overspray” issue isn’t a problem! 


One important thing to remember is that hardwoods form a patina over time. Hardwood floors also get scratched over time. You have to be comfortable with having the “lived-in” look if you are interested in American hardwood floors. However, this look is incredibly comforting and cozy, so don’t give up on the idea if a few scratches bother you! 

Now that you’ve learned more about American hardwoods, determine what could be created from American hardwood in your own kitchen. Hardwood floors are a popular choice, as well as hardwood cabinets. Regardless of what you want created, reach out to Capitol Granite. We are available to help your American hardwood dreams come true! 



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