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All About Kitchen Sinks

Choosing a kitchen sink may not seem like a big decision in a kitchen renovation. However, there are so many types and styles of kitchen sinks

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to choose from. Careful consideration of which type of kitchen sink to use as part of your kitchen remodel will help ensure you love your kitchen, in every aspect!

In this brief overview, we’ll dive into some of the most popular types of kitchen sinks to choose from, and how to pick the best kitchen sink for your needs.

Things to Consider

Single vs. Double

Depending on how often you cook and your needs, consider if you want a single basin or double basin sink. A single basin or deep sink might help in terms of cleaning the kitchen and bakeware such as pots and pans.

Material of Sink

Kitchen sinks are made of varying materials. Each material has specific advantages. For example, stainless steel is the most common material used in kitchen sinks. Stainless steel is great at resisting scratches and dents.  You can get these sinks in 18g or 16g.  At Capitol Granite all the sinks we sell come standard with sound deadening pads.   Another popular material, using granite/quartz composite, is also scratch, stain, and heat resistant and offers a more flexible color range than stainless steel.

Mounting Style

Various mounting styles are available when choosing a kitchen sink. These include under-mounted sinks, drop-in sinks, farmhouse sinks, wall-mounted sinks, and more. Look at examples of each to get an idea of which style you like the best.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

Workstation Sinks

Rapidly becoming one of the most requested sinks, the workstation sink takes your kitchen to the next level.  There are many options available, and they come with lots of accessory options.  From strainers to cutting boards, the accessories are made to fit in the top of your sink.  Not only do they look great, but they are a favorite amongst home chefs.

Farmhouse Sinks

Recently, farmhouse sinks are one of the most popular types of kitchen sinks used in kitchen remodels. These are large, single basin sinks with a thick front wall. The large and spacious basin of this sink, without a divider, makes it perfect to wash larger items and baking items. In addition, they offer a beautiful appearance for an updated kitchen. A standard farmhouse sink is often made of porcelain materials.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are installed under the counter, allowing for a seamless look. These types of sinks look quite modern and slick. They’re also great for easy clean-up, as they are flush with the countertops. Undermount sinks are usually made of stainless steel materials.

Corner Sinks

Corner sinks offer a unique placement in the corner of your countertop. In some kitchens, this can help to maximize counter space. This type of sink is generally a double basin sink that is angled for maximum space.

Kitchen Island Sinks

Some new kitchen remodels choose to place the kitchen sink on the island, rather than the adjacent countertops. For avid cooks, the placement on the island may be better suited for meal preparations. Any type of material can be used, though plumbing will be required on your island to allow for this type of sink.

The types of kitchen sinks mentioned above are only a few of the many styles and options to choose from. Looking to update or renovate your kitchen?  Capitol Granite offers over 20 years of expertise installing kitchen countertops and sinks. We know how to install any type of kitchen sink with ease!


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