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Cleaning Your Sink after Thanksgiving Dinner

We’re Grateful for Cleaning Supplies

The biggest meal of the year is around the corner ready to be devoured. Gathering with friends and family around the table laughing and enjoying good food is a wonderful way to remind yourself what you have to be grateful for.

As dessert is finished and you’re all digesting, the reminder of the disaster left in your kitchen creeps in. The kitchen has taken a beating today and there’s no avoiding clean-up duty!

Take a deep breath, and try these sink-cleaning tips after dinner.

Clearing the Table

As you begin to clear away everything from the dining room table, try to avoid putting everything in the sink. You’ll want it open in order to have space for rinsing dishes. It’s important to remember that not all types of food can go down your garbage disposal, including:

  • Turkey Bones
  • Stringy Vegetables
  • Potatoes
  • Grease
  • Pumpkin Seeds

Once the dishes are safely in the dishwasher or drying on the rack, you can begin cleaning the sink itself.

Cleaning Products and Tips

Begin by wiping away any food scraps left behind in and around your sink. Using mild dish soap and a scrubber or tough sponge, scrub a porcelain, copper, or granite sink and rinse with warm water. For additional disinfection, choose an antibacterial soap.

If you want a little extra grit for stainless steel sinks, use baking soda and water followed by a white vinegar rinse. The vinegar will also act as a disinfectant, getting rid of all those extra germs.

Thanksgiving dinner is bound to create a big mess in places you wouldn’t expect, including the nooks and crannies of your faucet. Using a small brush, use the cleaner of your choice to clean in and around the handle and nozzle to remove any accidentally discarded gravy and cranberry sauce.

Sink Installation for the Holidays

If you’re not sure that your sink is up to the holiday cooking challenge, it may be time to install a new one with Capitol Granite! Take a look at our sink and faucet services and give us a call at (804) 265-4751 to discuss your options.


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