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These Household Cleaners Are Destroying Your Countertops

Whether in your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom, your countertops are heavily trafficked areas of your home. From backpacks being tossed on the kitchen counter after school to toothpaste spray and mouthwash spills in the bathroom, countertops have seen it all and quality materials need to be tough enough to withstand it.

Protect Your Counter

As your home goes through the wear and tear of life, it can be easy to choose the first product on the shelf in the cleaning aisle. But there are some household cleaners that are doing more harm than good to your counters.

Lysol Lemon All-Purpose Cleaner

All-purpose cleaners are harsh solutions that are rough on surfaces. While this may seem like a good solution for scrubbing away tough stains, the acidity of the lemons and the ammonia can be damaging to a granite countertop. Ammonia can also scratch the surface of the granite, causing permanent damage.


If you want to keep the shine and protection of the sealant on your counter, avoid cleaning with Windex. The ingredients are known to dull your counter shine and can cause pitting, or small divots that can develop into chips.

Additionally, the colorants used in Windex and other colorful products can permanently stain quartz or granite counters.


It’s no secret that bleach is an intense and harsh chemical to use on any surface. When used on a countertop, it can cause staining, seep into porous surfaces like granite, and destroy sealant.

We recommend avoiding bleach and any cleaning products containing bleach when cleaning.

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