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Kids Crafts at The Counter

Mess-Free Crafts for the Kiddos

School is out and the kids are home for the summer. While they take this much-needed time off, the job of the parents becomes even busier! Finding ways to keep little ones entertained all day can be tiring and it’s easy to default to screen time to find some relief.

When you need a break from watching the same cartoon for the thousandth time, or the weather is keeping you from outdoor time, it’s time to sit the kids at the counter and get crafting!

Bag Painting

Let your toddler create their own abstract piece of art with this fun project. Squeeze a few drops of different colored paints onto a blank piece of paper and carefully slide it into a ziploc bag, keeping the page horizontal so the paint doesn’t run.

Seal the bag and tape it down with blue painter’s tape. Now your little artist can move the paint around with their hands while keeping them clean thanks to the plastic bag barrier!

Once finished, don’t forget to clean up any accidental paint spills on the counter — though there shouldn’t be many. Clean wet spills with water, and dry spills with glass cleaner.


If your kid is a little older, they’ll love something a bit more challenging! Have them head around the house, collecting items they’d like to add to their very own collage. This can be old drawings they’ve done, scrap pieces of paper, feathers, beads, magazine photos… you name it.

Help them cut things out if they’re not comfortable with scissors, and get collaging! Encourage them to place the items however they’d like with a glue stick.

If any glue ends up sticking to your counter, rub it away with hot water and soap.

Dot Art

Head to the dollar store and grab a pack of those circular, multi-colored, stickers you use as price tags at a garage sale. On a blank piece of paper or poster board, draw a picture, word, or your kid’s name with a black marker.

Encourage them to place the dots along the line. This will help them practice their letters or numbers, as well as their motor skills!

If a sticker ends up on the counter, don’t panic! Take a plastic putty knife and carefully scrape it up. Wipe away any residue with hot water and soap for a quick and easy clean-up!


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