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Back to School: Kitchen and Bathroom Prep

Time to Hit The Books…and The Cleaning

The long days of summer are winding down and before you know it, you’ll be dropping the kids off for their first day back to school. Packing lunches, scheduling drop-offs and pick-ups, and cheering them on at football games is in the near future and it’s time to prepare!

While stocking up on school supplies and new, fall clothing is a key part of the back-to-school routine, there are many things you can do inside the home to make the transition into the new school year smooth and easy for the whole family.

Clean House

The busy summer has likely created a little chaos when it comes to the state of your home. Starting the school year off with a fresh start is sure to decrease the stress levels as you frantically search for last night’s homework.


Take this opportunity to declutter your home. Get the kids in on the fun by having them go through their toys and clothing, donating what they no longer need. And, as difficult as it may be to part with any of their several dozen art projects, encourage them to choose a few favorite pieces and keep them neatly in a folder.

Go through kitchen and bathroom drawers and determine what stays and what goes. The old curling iron that broke 5 months ago probably isn’t doing you much good anymore!

Finally, take a look at your countertop, AKA the perfect landing spot for miscellaneous clutter to collect. Clear off your beautiful countertop and give it a nice, gentle clean before it begins to collect homework, books, and backpacks this fall.

Tip: If you notice any countertop spills, or suffer any during the busy morning routine, take a look at our countertop cleaning advice!


Heading back to school means your child will be in close quarters with their peers again, sharing toys, supplies, and doorknobs. Help combat germs in your home with a squeaky clean slate! Disinfect often overlooked locations such as:

  • Doorknobs
  • Faucets
  • Light switches
  • Cupboard and cabinet hardware

Begin getting in the habit of disinfecting now so that when the school year begins, you’re ready to take on all the flu season germs!

Get Organized

After cleaning comes organization. Set your children up for a successful year with a spot for everything.

Lost and Found

It’s been a few months since you’ve had to get the kids out the door and in class before the bell, meaning you may have misplaced a few back-to-school essentials. While cleaning and decluttering, keep an eye out for the lunch boxes, backpacks, and pencil cases. No one wants to scramble the night before the first day, trying to find things at the last minute!

Storage Solutions

In the kitchen, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of tupperware ready for school lunch prep. You can even get the kids in on the fun by having them match lids to containers!

Create a place for the kids to store their belongings so they don’t wind up littering your countertop. Install hooks under your island for backpacks, or find a stylish folder organizer for the counter to keep important papers and homework assignments in.

In the bathroom, help the kids create an efficient organizational system to make the morning routine easier and less messy. A cup to hold toothbrushes and paste and in-drawer organizers to place hair ties, clips, and floss will make for a neat space.

Take Care of Large Projects

It’s a good idea to schedule any large home projects before the school year is in full swing. A new countertop could be just the upgrade your kitchen or bathroom needs ahead of the wear and tear they’ll see this year.

Curious how your countertop installation will go? Take a look at Capitol Granite’s process and prepare for a new, beautiful space that your kids will be eager to come home to after a long day at school!


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