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What To Expect During Your Countertop Installation

Getting ready to renovate your kitchen? We here at Capitol Granite are sharing the entire process of replacing your existing countertops, so you know exactly what to expect! You won’t have to worry about any of the logistics, because after this, you’ll understand them! Not to mention, the professional installation team has got you covered.

Here’s what to expect when you’re expecting, a countertop installation of course:

Setting Up Your Space For Success

First and foremost, remember that your installation team will need a clear pathway to your kitchen, as they will be carrying stone that weighs anything from 200 pounds to 800 pounds! Make sure your home’s entryway is also free of any obstructions, as these materials will need to be carried from the truck to your home, so this area needs to be clear as well. Remember to additionally keep any pets and children away from these areas during the install to keep them safe and out of any potential harm’s way.

Now, it is important to also prep your kitchen! Remove all of the top drawers of your kitchen cabinetry to give our installation team easy access to the underside of your new countertops. After this is completed, your space is ready for your new countertops!

Removing Old Countertops

If you have existing countertops in your home, our installation team can tear out your old countertops for you! If we are installing your countertops in new construction, the following does not apply.

The professional team will first shut off your water supply. This is a proactive measure to ensure no water damage can occur during the installation. They will additionally disconnect your sink and faucet. After your water is turned off, your old countertops will be removed and disposed of. If you will not be re-using your current kitchen sink, we will dispose of this as well.

Depending on the age and condition of your old countertops, the removal process changes. If you have laminate countertops, this material must be cut to remove it. This becomes a messy process and the material can crumble if it has experienced water damage over time, so it is best to add additional protection to your home if you have existing laminate countertops. This includes plastic coverings over your floors and furniture to guard it against flying debris.

Adding Your New Countertops

Once your old countertops are removed, our crew will begin installing your new, beautiful countertops! They will bring in your new material in sections and place them on your cabinets. Shims will be used to ensure your new countertops are level. It is important to note that this is a construction project and incidental damage in the form of nicks or scrapes can occur to drywall and cabinets, as the team is moving around pieces of stone that are hundreds of pounds. This is particularly true for a wall-locked piece where both ends of the countertop are up against a wall.

Once your countertops are placed and level, the install team will color-match epoxy for the seam. With a tool called a seam setter, which uses large suction cups to pull countertops together at the seam, the team will bring your countertop sections together. This gives your epoxy time to settle as well, which takes approximately 30 minutes.

While the team waits for the seam epoxy to set, they will install your backsplash and apply silicone to the underside of your countertops to secure it in place. White paintable caulk will then be applied to any countertop areas that come in contact with a painted surface. And lastly, they will install your new sink for you.

Cleaning Up Your Space

Once this entire installation is complete, our team will clean-up your job site and your new countertops. Conventional sealer is applied before the countertop leaves the shop; however, if you have purchased our Invisablock sealer, we will apply this at this point. If you did purchase our extra sealer, you must wait 24 hours for this to dry. After this time is up, your new countertops are ready for your use and enjoyment!

For your countertop installation, contact Capitol Granite at (804) 265-4751! We are here to make your remodel an easy one!


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