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Bathroom Countertop Recommendations

Your bathroom is a place to relax, unwind, and make yourself feel better. Creating a space that you love, as well as one that fits your family’s needs, is important — and your countertop is a crucial part of the process.

A countertop can be a gorgeous statement piece that adds flair to your bathroom. It also needs to be durable and able to withstand daily use and at times, abuse. From soap scum to water spills, kids getting into mom’s makeup supply, and hot curling irons all littering the surface, choosing a countertop is a big decision.

That said, we’ve put together our recommendations of materials we think make some of the best bathroom countertops.


Granite is a natural stone, meaning each cut is entirely unique, boasting colorful flecks and designs. This is one of the most popular choices for bathroom countertops as there are a wide variety of designs, a number of finishes to choose from, and a large supply of material. The material is fairly stain-resistant when sealed, and keep in mind it may need to be re-sealed once water and grease begin to seep into the counter rather than beading up. Granite and other natural stones are sure to make your bathroom look and feel luxurious!


Another luxurious, natural stone option that is sure to make your bathroom stand out is marble. While more expensive than most other materials, the gorgeous, veining look of marble is unmatched. The material is soft and porous, meaning it is essential that it be sealed every year or two to avoid staining.


Quartz countertops are great for homeowners looking for options. There are many styles and colors with more uniform designs than natural stones. Engineered quartz is perfect for single-piece countertops with integrated sink basins and is less porous, more durable, and more stain-resistant.

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