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How to Get Your Kitchen Ready for Summer

For many families, the kitchen is the central hub of the household. It’s a place where everyone can gather to hang out, create food together, and have fun!

A Fresh Start

During the summertime, kids are home from school, and it seems like the kitchen becomes an even busier hot spot. In preparation for a busy season of get-togethers and grilling out, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to get things in order for the warm weather ahead.


Now is the perfect time to get some spring/summer cleaning done in your kitchen.

Declutter & Organize

Take time to go through the kitchen and determine what you don’t need anymore. Get a large box and donate unused tupperware, plates, cups, and utensils. It will free up space in your drawers and give a cleaner, more organized look.

Use this as an opportunity to reorganize your kitchen as well. If you’ve always hated where the silverware is located, finally make the switch to a new drawer!

The Pantry & Refrigerator

Take everything out of the pantry and refrigerator and give them the deep clean they’ve been wanting all year! Sort through non-perishable items and donate unwanted items to your local food pantry.

There’s nothing like a clean, fresh refrigerator ready to be filled with watermelon, popsicles, and barbecue fixings!


The kitchen sink is sure to see a lot more traffic during the summer, so give it a good clean now. It’s tempting to grab a drain cleaner off the shelf at the store, but keep in mind that they contain chemicals that can damage your piping over time.

Instead, you can clean out your drain with only baking soda, vinegar, and water!

Cabinets and Windows

Rinse and repeat the above steps for your cabinets, as they are bound to have collected some dust since their last cleaning.

Then give your windows a good clean to allow all that gorgeous summer sunlight to come in! Be sure to clean the dust off the window sill and panes as well.


If you’ve been toying with the idea of a mini-remodel for your kitchen, there’s no better time to get started than now!


A new countertop from Capitol Granite is sure to transform your kitchen! Brighten up the space with a light marble or quartz. Or, for a more rustic, homey look, try a butcher block countertop!

With our experienced and dedicated team, we can provide a beautiful countertop and top-notch installation in a timely manner to get you back in the kitchen cooking.


Ready to be rid of those outdated and falling apart cabinets and cupboards? Speak to one of our designers about your cabinet installation options to give your cups and plates a new home.


The sink is one of the main focal points of every kitchen. Whether you prefer an under-mount or farmhouse, a new sink will make doing summertime dishes a little bit easier!

If the idea of a total remodel is overwhelming to you, take it one item at a time.

Spruce It Up

If you’re a family who likes to entertain, or you simply love having a beautifully decorated space, the details of a kitchen are sure to wow anyone.


Find ways to personalize your kitchen. This could be in small ways, like “his and hers” coffee mugs or with a large sign with your family name above the window!

The next time you’re at the grocery store, treat yourself to some summertime flowers to add some color to the room. Put the fruit bowl out on the counter for display and to encourage healthy summer snacks to the kids.

Richmond Countertop Services

With all these tips, your kitchen is sure to rule the summer! When you’re ready for your cabinet, countertop, or sink installation, give our team a call at (804) 265-4751!


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