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Fall Kitchen Décor Ideas

Keep your home festive during the fall. Get out the pumpkins and get into the seasonal spirit.


Put out pumpkins of all colors, shapes, and sizes, and maybe add some gourds. Pumpkins are a classic fall centerpiece for your kitchen, plus they can be baked into all sorts of treats! Roast some seeds in the oven with some olive oil and seasonings, or make a fresh pumpkin pie!

Fresh Fruit

Decor that is so good and sweet, you’ll want to eat it all yourself! Seasonal fruits that do not need to be refrigerated can add a festive, farm-like feel to your home!

Arrange them all in a basket and add them to your kitchen counter, island, or dining room table!

Some fruits you may like to add include: pears, plums, apples, figs, bananas, radishes, and squash.


Florals can be fresh, dried, or even made of silk! Put an arrangement together, add in some wheat for a different texture, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful piece for your mantle!


If your kitchen is connected to your dining room, consider adding a fall table cloth and some kitchen towels to match.
This will help tie in the spaces in a festive way!


Add a little ambiance to your kitchen with some candles, real or fake. Candles can give off the smell of fall and some even crackle when burned like a fireplace.

Be sure to pay attention to where the candles are burning and to blow them out when you are not home or not in the same room!

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