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The Materials Guide To Your Outdoor Kitchen

As spring turns to summer, your outdoor space becomes the main hub for entertainment. Even if social events are currently on hold, your backyard can provide a nice getaway from your home-turned-office. And, there is no better time to upgrade your current set-up, as you won’t have to struggle to organize installation and delivery around your work schedule.

But, before you can start planning your outdoor kitchen remodel, it is important to understand which materials can withstand Virginia weather. When choosing countertops and floorings, you’ll want to prioritize durability, so your investment doesn’t go out the door. Natural stones or tile will be your best choice, as most countertop materials cannot tolerate UV rays and will become discolored over time.

Here are the optimal materials to incorporate into your backyard barbeque area:


Granite is a practical and durable countertop option for your barbeque area. It stands up well against the elements and shouldn’t fade in the sun.

Pro tip: look for a granite slab with minimal veining, as epoxies and fillers used in heavily veined granite negatively react to sun exposure. We also recommend avoiding dark-colored slabs as they will absorb heat, and can become extremely hot to the touch.

Granite is also stain-resistant and guards against mold and mildew when sealed and re-sealed properly. Choose your granite slab here!


With endless patterns and colors, tile offers the widest range of style options. From ornate designs to stone look-alikes, tile can fit any aesthetic. It is timeless and affordable; yet, it may require yearly sealing depending on the type of grout used for installation. Nevertheless, tile is a great option for your outdoor kitchen, as any damaged tiles are easily replaced—you simply remove the blemished tile and put a new one in its place.

Butcher Block

Butcher block is the perfect addition to your barbeque area, offering a number of great benefits including great prep space, optimized functionality, and more. When sealed properly, it will be able to handle changes in moisture and temperature. With UV protection and water-resistant sealing, you will be able to maintain a vivid wood countertop. Just remember to regularly reapply the sealants to ensure your countertops remain in good condition.

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