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Tips For A Trendy Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen? We here at Capitol Granite have an update on the top trends emerging right now that will take your meal prep station to the next level. From industrial designs to a farmhouse-chic aesthetic, all of these show-stopping materials and unique applications will be sure to kick your space up a notch.

Here are the dreamy trends that will bring your kitchen to the next level:

Go Gold

Stainless steel has been a modern kitchen staple for years; however, this year gold is taking over as the leading favorite. Whether you go for brushed gold handles on your cabinetry or a high-gloss finish, gold is sure to pop against any material. This edgy design trend brings the glamour to any space.

From your light fixtures to the front panel of your kitchen island, gold mirrored materials will make your kitchen stand out.

Install Show-Stopping Countertops

Rather than using quartz, granite, or marble on just the top of your kitchen island, drop this stone off the edge and all the way to the floor! This waterfall edge effect is jaw-droppingly gorgeous and will provide a monochromatic set-up that will make your kitchen feel more intimate.

Fewer materials in a space sometimes do more for the eye. Waterfall edges provide a smooth transition from top to bottom. Want to push this trend even further? Use the same stone you install for your countertops, as your backsplash, or even better, bring this material all of the way up to your ceiling! This will truly create a soothing visual flow that will leave you feeling proud to show off your kitchen.

Add Concrete Flooring

Concrete may seem like an understated material; however, when placed in a kitchen with an industrial design, it becomes the star of your space. The sleek yet rugged nature of concrete comes across polished when paired with bold, statement cabinets and sleek, white countertops.

Hide Your Hood

If you are not a fan of the stainless steel, commercial-esque stove hood that appears in most kitchens, simply cover it! Rather than replacing the entire appliance, build around it. This will not only save you money, but also allow you to create an original piece that only you have.

Go For An Eat-In Island

If you are not a fan of traditional dining, use that space for something else; and, instead, turn your kitchen island into your main meal space. Mega islands are majorly in right now. Run your island across your entire space, and increase the depth, to create a gathering surface large enough for your coveted dinner parties!

Add Some Warmth

The all-white kitchen is a thing of the past. Wood accents are emerging within what are now, mostly-white spaces, to add some warmth and intimacy to the room. Rather than going the traditional route by adding wood cabinetry or shelving to your kitchen, install butcher block countertops! This will be the cherry on top that will take your white kitchen from cold and sterile to warm and inviting!

Mix Patterns

Go for geometric. Go for retro. Go for an eclectic mix of tiles. Mixing patterns will make your kitchen backsplash, or even your flooring, a piece of art. Rather than using white subway tiles, a trend that took home renovations by a storm, mix and match different colors! Create your own textile by taking different stones and textures and piecing them together. This will accessorize your space and bring some fun energy into your kitchen. Just make sure you use a coherent color palette, so you are not creating distracting designs.

Install A Double Island

Want one space to prep and another one to display your food buffet style? If you entertain people regularly, you are the perfect candidate for the double island layout. Not only will this streamline your parties, allowing for more space for people to gather around and enjoy your appetizers, but it will also provide more opportunity for your family to get together while you cook!

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