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Eco-Friendly Countertop Fabrication—It Can Be Done!

Here at Capitol Granite, we put the environment first. Eco-conscious operations are at the core of what we do, as we know the importance of preserving resources. Whether you purchase granite, quartz, quartzite, or marble from us, all of our materials come straight from mother nature. We receive all of our stone in its natural form.

From earth to your table, our countertops are all mined and manufactured in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Here’s how we ensure our store leaves a minimal impact on the environment:

Green Energy

Our electricity is sourced from 100% green providers. This means we are only using renewable energy for power! And, in the wintertime, plant heat created from our equipment in our mechanical room is reclaimed to increase the indoor temperature within our manufacturing areas. Thoughtful energy is at the source of everything we do, literally!

Water Conservation

Countertop fabrication requires a lot of water. When cutting materials, water is used to cool and capture the silica that naturally becomes dispersed during fabrication. This is essential as silica can cause bodily harm if it becomes airborne. So, how do we reduce our water footprint without compromising our health? We filter the silica out of the water, so we are able to reclaim it for another fabrication.

We have this process down to a science. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has confirmed that we exceed silica standards and NPR has recognized Capitol Granite as leaders in our industry. We keep pushing the envelope for environmentally friendly fabrication, and we are doing so successfully. If you are looking for a company that is eco-centric, you’ve found them in us.

Low Carbon Footprint

We work smarter not harder. That means we always measure before cutting so that we can get as much usable material out of each slab. By utilizing CAD and Slabsmith software, we are able to virtually layout each kitchen surface before cutting into a material. This reduces waste, as we are able to cut countertops and only produce minimal scraps.

In combination with our Jenga-style approach to cutting countertops, we use a Computer Numerical Controlled Saw in combination with our water jet to achieve precise cuts while reducing lost materials. This process has slashed our waste production by 25%. That’s significant; however, we don’t stop there.

Our Partnership

We have teamed up with a local company to recycle the invariable stone waste that results from fabrication. This company is able to take any waste and turn it into asphalt!

For eco-friendly countertop fabrication, contact Capitol Granite at (804) 265-4751. We are the sustainable stone experts you’ve been waiting for. Give us a call!


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