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Avoiding Cluttered Countertops

We’ve all been there. The house gets cluttered and your kitchen takes the brunt of it. As a central gathering point, your kitchen sees a lot of traffic, holds a myriad of gadgets, and can easily become overwhelmingly messy overnight. So, it is time to put your Marie Kondo hat on and head to your kitchen—today we are claiming your countertops back!

By the end of this, you’ll have a decluttered kitchen and you’ll be able to cue up that Food Network show and get cooking! Here’s how:

Clearing Your Pantry: Reclaiming Storage

Do you have expired goods occupying prime real estate? Go through your kitchen pantry and clear your cabinets of any canned or boxed items that are no longer viable. This will clear space for storing some of the items or books you have laying out on top of your countertops or kitchen island.

Compiling Your Cookbooks: Optimizing Function & Space

We all have our collections, but how many of us actually crack our cookbooks open when we are looking for a new recipe? Not many. Using the internet is just faster, and when you have a house full of hungry kids, speed is a priority. So, rather than continuing to store your cookbooks, or continuing to stack them high on your countertops, it’s time to scan these books for your favorite meals and make one master cookbook that holds your most-used meals!

Creating a family cookbook will keep all of your go-to recipes in one place and allow for expansion! Not only will this make a great quarantine activity, but it will also cut your piles of books down to one! This is sure to free up some much-needed storage space.

Moving Small Appliances: Freeing Up Counterspace

If you are someone that has every small appliance under the moon lined up on your countertops, it is time to take some of that reclaimed space in your pantry and move your appliances here! Their new home will free up your counter space!

Don’t have enough storage for these appliances? Check your pots and pans drawer. If you are not stacking your pots and pans within one another, you are wasting an immense amount of space. This storage technique will make room for any additional appliances.

Using Your Wall: Hanging Organization

Don’t leave dishtowels hanging off of the cabinetry! Simply hang a hook and your towels will be better displayed and easily accessible. You can hang your potholders like this as well! It adds charm and will clear up more space.

Don’t have room to dry your dishes? Try a hanging dishrack! This will tackle the stacked dishes debacle you oftentimes face after hand washing non-dishwasher safe items.

Don’t have a spot for all of your knives? Grab a magnetic metal strip and display your knives on your wall as well! Not to mention, this display has visual appeal and can add to your kitchen aesthetic.

For more information on countertop care, contact Capitol Granite at (804) 265-4751! We are here to help you declutter your kitchen!


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