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Holiday Cookies and Countertops

When it’s time for the holiday’s there is nothing that says festive more than your favorite cookies! Whether you are a chocolate lover, a sprinkles fan, or a frosting fanatic, when it comes to baking your holiday cookies you get much joy out of the tradition. However, if you are noticing that each year your countertops become less and less glamorous—your baking may be compromising the integrity of your investment. Here’s how to protect your countertops during their busy season:

Always Use A Trivet

When it is time to take your cookies out of the oven, make sure you have a trivet down on your countertops before you set your hot baking trays on top of them! No matter if you have quartz, granite, or marble countertops, using a trivet can only help further protect your kitchen! Even with quartz, the most heat resistant of stones can only withstand so much heat before posing a potential threat to its surface. Always use a trivet and you’ll have peace of mind when your oven timer goes off!

Stick To Non-Abrasive Cleaning Materials

After baking in your kitchen, it is only normal to have a mess of flour, dough, and toppings leftover. It is important that you thoroughly wipe down your countertops, as leaving residue can cause sticky build-up that eats away at your sealant. Use mild dish soap to wash down your countertops, as this won’t cause deterioration. If you have oil spills, Windex (without ammonia) will effectively clean that up without harming your surfaces as well.

If you need something more powerful, try using a 3-in-one cleaner, polish, and protectant such as Da-Good-Stuff, and your stone will sparkle just as bright as your holiday tree! Lastly, remember to wipe your countertops dry in order to avoid water streaks!

For your professional countertop services, contact Capitol Granite at (804) 265-4751! We are continuing to implement CDC recommended protocols to keep both our clients and technicians safe and healthy. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us this holiday season!


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