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Are Your Pets Harming Your Countertops?

Do your pets surf your countertops? If they do, you need to be careful about what they may leave behind. These furry family members have gotten into your toilet paper stash and your shoe collection, which you have now puppy-proofed by moving them both out of reach; however, when it comes to protecting large investments such as your countertops, some additional pet-proofing may need to be considered.

Pets can leave behind scratches, germs, and stains. Not to mention, some countertop cleaners can actually harm your pets as well. So, as a pet owner, when choosing a countertop, here are some guidelines:

Combating Scratches

Durability is essential. You want a countertop that will hold up against any gnarly paws. Stay away from softer stones such as marble, soapstone, and limestone, as these are more susceptible to wear and tear. Installing granitequartz, or quartzite countertops is your best bet for resisting scratches!

Reducing Bacteria

If your pets like to set up camp on your countertops, you don’t want a porous stone. The more porous the countertop, the more bacteria clings to it. And, you don’t want your bone digger to bring any germs onto the same surface you cook your food. Engineered quartz is your non-porous options, making them the most pet-friendly stones you can pick!

Combating Stains

How often has your pet hopped onto your kitchen island, knocking over your glass of red wine? This always happens in slow motion of course, and it probably happens quite often if your pets love the birdseye view your kitchen counters provide. If you are worried about stains, harder stones, such as quartz and denser granites, will be a better fit for your space. Remember to have your stone countertops sealed regularly to further protect your installation.

For more information about countertop maintenance, contact Capitol Granite at (804) 265-4751. We are here to help you establish a pet-friendly kitchen! We are continuing to practice CDC recommended guidelines to ensure the health and safety of both our clients and our technicians.


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