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Why Quartz Is Becoming More Popular Than Granite

For a long time, there was no dream kitchen without Granite. When someone was remodeling, Granite was the trendy material that everyone fantasized about. As a natural stone, it had the appeal and sophistication of marble without carrying the durability risks that are associated with it. Granite made a dream kitchen, well, a dream. That is, until now.

Today, Quartz is overtaking Granite as the number one, most desirable countertop material on the market. Why, and what accounts for this shift from Granite to Quartz? Quartz is just as beautiful as Granite, without the hassle of Granite. Just tune in to any HGTV home renovation program, and you’ll pick up on the fact that Quartz countertops are indeed trending.

Today, we here at Capitol Granite are going to dive into why Quartz has risen in popularity, debunking Granite from its number one spot in the countertop market. Consider the following information when deciding between granite or quartz.

Quartz is Easier to Maintain than Granite

Looking for a maintenance-free countertop option? Quartz is for you. As a non-porous stone, it is heat-resistant, stain-resistant, and bacteria-free. This countertop achieves a high level of durability without any sealant. As opposed to Granite, which requires re-sealing each year to maintain a less superior guard against the common hot pan, spilled wine, and dirty hands.

An easy to clean countertop is the new kitchen dream. As there is no sealer to worry about compromising, you can use any disinfectant wipe or solution to clean your quartz countertops. Just remember—no matter the material, always place a trivet or potholder underneath hot pots and pans before placing them onto your countertops. Quartz is heat-resistant, not heat-proof.

Quartz Can Meet Any Design Preference

As Quartz is manufactured, it can meet any aesthetic preference. From solid colors to imitating granite and marble, this material allows for a broad selection of colors and patterns that are sure to blow consumers away. With it’s increased durability and its ability to mimic marble and granite, Quartz becomes extremely desirable—truly unparalleled.

Do you want a shiny countertop? Or, do you prefer, a matte finish? Either look can be achieved with Quartz. If you are looking for a silky, shiny countertop—you’ll want a suede finish. If you want more of a smooth, shineless look—matte finishes are for you.

Additionally, Quartz slabs are beginning to emerge in larger cuts. This accommodates the current large-island trend that has swept through the interior design industry. Now, you can purchase Quartz slabs that meet your big island, eat-at-countertop desires.

Is Quartz More Expensive Than Granite? Not Anymore!

Technological advancements have allowed for Quartz prices to drop. Granite was less expensive than Quartz; however, recent developments have allowed for the price of Quartz to drop significantly. The prices for Quartz and Granite are now comparable.

Plus, Quartz is a better investment. As the demand for Quartz kitchens increase, installing this material will prove beneficial to your property value. Not to mention, if you are in your forever home the upfront costs of installing Quartz will cover itself over time, as the lack of required maintenance outweighs the cost of installation. Overall, adding Quartz to your kitchen will cost you significantly less than Granite would over the same period of time.

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