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Unconventional Stone Uses

You’re already familiar with the traditional stone uses— countertops, floors, and showers; but, why not go against the grain? There are a number of ways you can think outside of the box and create eye-catching statements with unique Granite, Marble, and Quartz placements. Here are some creative, unconventional ways you can incorporate these stones into your home:

Dining Tables

Have a big family, one with young kids, or a messy eater in the bunch? Granite or Quartz dining tables will provide a low-maintenance, easy to clean surface for your dining ease. You can match them to your kitchen countertops or mix and match to create more of a statement piece.

Designed Flooring

Most Granite and Marble flooring is installed to create seamless, shiny entryways; however, what if you used contrasting colors or complementary patterns to define an open floor plan? Granite and Marble are both great materials, and unique ways to define your space.

Accent Walls

Every slab of Granite and Marble is one-of-a-kind. Which, like art, makes it captivating. We recommend choosing a slab that is highly pigmented or one that carries a bold pattern—this will make for an eye-catching accent wall.

Out-Of-The-Box Shelving

Have leftover Granite, Quartz, or Marble from your recent countertop renovation? Make it into shelving! Stone remnants make great wall-mounted shelves! Place them above your toilet, to hold the essentials, or in your living room to display your family photos.

Kitchen Essentials

From cheeseboards to trivets, and lazy susans to cutting boards, Granite and Quartz are durable stones that can be used to protect your kitchen countertops from heat, etching, and cracks. This stone can be made into numerous kitchen accessories that won’t be eye-sores if left out!

Here at Capitol Granite, we are excited to innovate on how Stone can be incorporated into your home. Simply contact the stone specialists, at (804) 265-4751, for help choosing your stone and installing your design element. 


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