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How to Give Your Natural Stone Fireplace A Holiday Glow

The holidays are approaching quickly, and it’s just about time to get your fireplace dressed up for visiting friends and family members. If you’re not sure how to get started, use the instructions below for giving your natural stone fireplace a quick cleaning, and check out our fireplace decorating tips!


Cleaning Tips for Marble Fireplaces

First of all, whatever you do, do NOT use acidic or abrasive substances to clean marble. Steer clear of white vinegar and limescale removers, as the acidity of these cleaners can etch your marble’s surface. Baking soda is also a no-no—its abrasiveness can ruin your marble’s finish.

Follow these steps to clean the marble around your fireplace.

  1. Dust the stone with a soft, dry cloth. Microfiber cleaning cloths work the best!

  2. Inspect the stone for stains. Soot stains and mug rings tend to be the most common.

  3. Gently wipe stained areas with a soft cloth that you’ve dampened with distilled water. The impurities in normal water can have adverse on your marble’s surface.

  4. If water doesn’t remove the stains, use a cleaning product specially formulated for marble. Just don’t forget to do a “patch test” on a small area first!

  5. Dry your marble thoroughly with a soft cloth (or according to the marble cleaner’s instructions).

Cleaning Tips for Granite Fireplaces

As with marble, NEVER use acidic substances to clean granite. Typical household cleaning products or even white vinegar can make your granite’s surface permanently dull.

Follow these steps to clean the granite around your fireplace.

  1. Dust the stone with a soft, dry cloth. Again, we recommend microfiber cleaning cloths.

  2. Add a small amount of dish soap to a warm bowl of water—just enough to make the water slightly sudsy. The more suds there are, the harder they will be to wash away later.

  3. Use a soft sponge or soft cloth to scrub and wipe down your granite with the soapy water.

  4. With a new cloth and clean water, wipe down your soapy granite until there is no soap left on its surface. Leftover suds will make your granite look dirty!

  5. Dry your granite thoroughly with a soft cloth.

For tough stains, you can also use a cleaning formula manufactured for granite. Not sure which to buy? At Capitol Granite, we’re happy to offer a recommendation: (804) 265-4751.

Tips for Decorating Your Fireplace

  • Take advantage of the mantelpiece. Because placing decorations close to the flames can create a fire hazard, let a decorated mantel be the jeweled crown on top of your beautiful, stone fireplace.

  • Add an elegant firescreen. Aside from being decorative and functional, a firescreen can also amplify your fire’s glow.

  • Bring the outdoors in. Add a touch of winter wonderland to your fireplace by adorning the top and front of your mantelpiece with elements of nature, such as evergreen branches, pine cones, poinsettias, cranberries, and holly branches.

  • Increase the illumination. Whether you use traditional string lights, candles, fairy lights in jars, or rustic lanterns, adding extra light on top of the mantelpiece will make your fireplace look larger and more festive.

  • Add a touch of nostalgia. Whether it’s old family photos or a vintage Santa figurine from your childhood, displaying something with a good memory attached to it on your fireplace will always make the fire’s glow warmer and brighter.

Feel like your fireplace needs an update? Visit one of our showrooms or contact our design team about our natural stone options.


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