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Brilliant Ideas for a Small Kitchen that’s Big on Style

Is your small kitchen feeling a little lackluster? There’s no need to feel down: any design expert will tell you that even small spaces can be big on style. All that’s needed are the right design elements to play off of each other.

Keeping that in mind, here are some ideas for ways to maximize any small kitchen’s style potential!

1. Keep the color palette toned down.

Too many colors in one room can make a small kitchen feel a little zany. By the same token, too much of one, bold color can have the same effect. When embarking on a small kitchen makeover, choose a simple color palette in advance, and do your best to stay consistent with it.

Make sure to include things like your preferred shade of metal for hardware and plumbing fixtures or a preferred wood stain. The more consistently you can stay within your color palette, the more cohesive and stylish your kitchen will look.

2. Combine open shelving and cabinets with glass doors.

Traditional, closed cabinetry can make a small kitchen feel even smaller and cramped. Instead, incorporate a combination of cabinets with glass doors and open shelving. They will make the room feel more open while still providing you with functional storage. They’re also a great way to keep track of what you have as well as the perfect way to display crystal glasses, a tea set, or any kitchenware that brings you joy (think KonMari).

3. Install a statement countertop.

Even a small space can feel luxurious when it incorporates fine materials. What’s especially advantageous about a small kitchen is that because there is less square footage of counter space to cover, you can think about treating yourself to a higher-end material. It also means less counter space to maintain if you choose a material that needs to be resealed every so often.

Design Hack: If you love the look of thick, natural stone countertops but are less in love with the weight and the price tag, install a countertop with a mitered edge. A mitered edge has a thick lip that goes around the edge of your granite or marble slab to give it a thicker appearance, as well as better durability.

4. Install a single bowl, undermount sink.

It might not be something you consciously realize, but most sinks have a visible edge. An undermount sink’s edges are concealed by your countertop. A single bowl, undermount sink will provide you with a little more counter space, accentuate your countertop material, and draw the eye to your whichever type of faucet you decide to install. Speaking of which…

5. Pick a faucet with character.

Whether you lean towards French country or futuristic, choose a faucet that will suit the personality of the rest of the kitchen decor. Black and bronze plumbing fixtures are very popular to incorporate into a “rustic” or “modern farmhouse” style. Brass has also been making a strong comeback, as it adds warmth to white, grays, and other classic neutrals. Faucets in silver-colored metals can sometimes disappear into the background–however, a commercial kitchen faucet with a retractable sprayer hose not only adds some modern excitement to your home’s sink but also a restaurant-level functionality. Win-win.

For a more cohesive look, try to make the finish of your faucet the same as the finish of your drawer pulls.

6. Add multiple light sources

Though a kitchen may be small, it can still benefit from having multiple sources of light. Along with overhead lighting, installing lights inside cabinets with glass doors, over open shelving, and right underneath your cabinetry can make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter. Plus, it will be much easier to cook and clean with more illumination.

Whether it’s a countertop, cabinetry, or a kitchen sink, Capitol Granite has got you covered. Selecting and installing the right fixtures and materials for your essential rooms is just one of our many specialties. Reach out to Capitol Granite Design Center today.


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