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How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look in Your Kitchen

The appeal of the “modern farmhouse” kitchen is widespread and growing, and it’s easy to see why. Modern farmhouse is a style that’s down-to-earth, inviting, and functional enough for everyday living. Plus, it works in kitchens both large and small. Proper execution is all in the details.

Whether you’re renovating an existing space or designing your dream kitchen from scratch, here are the main elements of a modern farmhouse kitchen that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Keep the Color Palette Basic

Ample amounts of white will keep your kitchen feeling fresh and airy while incorporating gray and black can help add dimension. Accent colors such as navy blue and deep forest green can help you break away from a “gray-scale” look while still maintaining a calm palette that will work with a lot of wood tones and metal finishes.

Mix Shaker Cabinets and Open Shelvings

When it comes to cabinets and shelves, it’s best to stay away from ornate designs. Instead, opt for the simplicity of shaker cabinets. To keep your kitchen from feeling top-heavy, leave some space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling or incorporate open shelving constructed of natural or reclaimed wood.

Choose Countertop Materials With a Clean, Simple Look

To match the simple, modern-farmhouse aesthetic, choose countertop materials with an entirely smooth look or a subtle pattern, such as white marble or white, gray, or black quartz. Butcherblock also fits perfectly into a rustic-contemporary look and can be installed on a certain section of the counter or as the entire countertop.

Incorporate Natural Wood

No modern farmhouse kitchen is complete without some natural wood to lend it some warmth. If your ceiling lacks wood beams, you can have decorative beams installed. You can also incorporate wood using your kitchen island with design elements like wooden stools for bar seating or wooden X-braces on each side of your island to give it some rustic charm (as shown above).

Let the Backsplash Take a Backseat

When in doubt, opt for a simple, white or gray subway tile backsplash. It will be “just noticeable enough,” while not dominating your kitchen. If your kitchen walls have exposed wood or brick, show it off!

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Metals

When it comes to the modern farmhouse look, a combination of metals is perfectly acceptable and can lend to the “reclaimed” charm of the room. For lighting, opt for sconces or pendant lighting with an antique or industrial flair. When it comes to hardware and plumbing fixtures, generally black or antique bronze will look the most rustic, but don’t be afraid to incorporate copper, brushed nickel, antique brass, or even stainless steel.

Add a Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink is the quintessential rustic touch that your kitchen needs to perfect the modern farmhouse look. These sinks come in a variety of materials, and two of the most popular are fireclay and cast iron. While cast iron is slightly less prone to damage than fireclay, it requires gentler cleaners to keep looking its best. It’s also important to remember that cast iron weighs significantly less than fireclay, although it will not have the charming uniqueness of handcrafted fireclay.

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