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What Makes Quality Granite and Marble Fabrication?

  1. Templating
  2. Waterjet cutting
  3. Machine profiling
  4. Seaming strategies
  5. Rodding
  6. Back gauging
  7. Sink mounting
  8. Natural stone vs. quartz surfacing

1. Templating: Electronic templating via FARO ARM Technologies, and LT-55 laser. Digital measuring to the highest degree of accuracy then processed through CAD for the best fit possible.

2. SawJet/Waterjet cutting:     Waterjet cutting systems are the most versatile machine tools. These systems cut virtually any shape in a single step. They are the most productive solution for nesting and cutting a wide range of materials including granite, marble and quartz surfacing.

3. Machine profiling: We utilize the following for edge profiling: Park Industries’ DISCOVERY, ODYSSEY, VELOCITY, and PROEDGE

4. Seaming strategies: What? French miter or Straight seams. Why? Because sizes & shapes matter. Where? For a custom quality install.

5. Rodding: Reinforcing stone by imbedding steel rods into the underside of the stone with epoxy. Used mainly to reinforce areas near a cutout, such as a sink or stove. Rodding granite countertops at the weakest point, i.e., at cutouts, can significantly increase the strength of those areas.

6. Back gauging: The smoothing of the stone to the touch of the underside of the cabinet overhang. Prevents “snagging” of delicate fabrics and ensure uniform thickness.

7. Sink mounting: Drop-in (or lip mount) and under mount, FARM or vessel. Sinks are bolted to the underside versus “glued”, 100% silicone is still used for sealing the area from water intrusion. We utilize the KEIL system to mechanically anchor the sink. This technology is most commonly used in vertical stone cladding of high-rise building exteriors and interiors.

8. Natural stone vs. quartz surfacing: Pros & Cons

× Poor   ○ Good   ● Better   ✓ Best
Granite Quartz Marble Travertine
Scratch resistance × ×
Heat resistance
Chemical resistance × ×
Repair ability
Exterior applications
NSF approval n/a n/a n/a

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