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IceStone FAQ, IceStone Countertop Color Info

FAQ – Facts about IceStone Countertops & IceStone Surfaces:

What are IceStone surfaces?
IceStone surfaces are made from three core ingredients: 100% recycled glass, Portland cement, and pigment. This simple recipe makes IceStone the world’s safest, most sustainable durable surface. By purchasing recycled glass surfaces, IceStone’s customers have diverted over 10 million pounds of glass from landfills since 2003. IceStone’s sophisticated range of colors have a unique three-dimentional depth, and our high-density slabs rival the strength of granite. Please contact Capitol Granite for more information on IceStone. You can also view all Capitol Granite’s IceStone Countertop Colors Here.

What can IceStone durable surfaces be used for?
IceStone durable surfaces can be used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower walls, tabletops, transaction countertops, reception areas, bar tops, conference tables, and windowsills.

What are the dimensions of an IceStone slab?
Each slab measures 52.5 inches wide, 96 inches long and 1.25 inches thick. A stone fabricator cuts the slab into dimensions appropriate for your installation.

Can IceStone durable surfaces be used outdoors?
While some of our customers have successfully installed IceStone outside, IceStone, LLC does not recommend this usage, as harmful external factors may damage the surface.

What edge details are possible with IceStone durable countertops/surfaces?
IceStone, LLC recommends using one of the following edge finishes: bullnose (half or full), pencil, eased, or platner.

What finishes are available for IceStone durable countertops/surfaces?
IceStone surfaces are shipped out of Brooklyn with a high-gloss finish but slabs can be honed or sandblasted by Capitol Granite.

How do I care for my IceStone countertops & IceStone surface?
IceStone recycled glass and cement surfaces can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and one of our recommended cleaners. IceStone surfaces are very dense, but still porous, so IceStone surfaces have to be sealed to prevent staining, and waxed to prevent etching. Keep the surface dry and immediately wipe up spills, especially of coffee, wine, soda, juice, and oil or vinegar based products. Seal and wax your IceStone surfaces every six months to protect their beauty and luster. Please refer to our Care and Maintenance Guidelines for detailed information on how to care for your IceStone surface.

Do IceStone Countertops/surfaces need to be sealed or waxed?
Yes. IceStone LLC requires fabricators to seal and wax the surface before or at the time of installation. Homeowners and building maintenance staff should reseal and rewax if liquids do not bead up on the surface, after removing a stain, or if it’s been six months since the last application of sealer and wax. Please refer to our Care and Maintenance Guidelines for detailed information on how to seal, wax, and care for your IceStone surface.


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